Those London Days EP

The Story

Here it is. Another collection of music. Finally.

So much has changed in the last two years…

We moved to London.
Signed a lease on a flat.
And learnt how to pay bills.
We became city girls.
East Londoners.
And we LOVED it.

Our move to London was about taking our first steps as adults. It was about us standing up and stepping out to seize our dreams despite fear and uncertainty.

The Songs

We had wanted this for so long; to live, breathe and write amongst the creativity, the thrill, and the electricity that is London. And we did it. These songs document our journey. We wrote about our group of incredible friends who just like us moved to London from all over the world because they wanted more from life. We are so lucky to be youthful, to be free.  To be able to live where we want, believe what we like, and speak out with conviction. Don’t let this time slip away.

We wrote about that moment when you first see someone and instantly want to know more…but then it happens all too fast that you forget his name. And we wrote about the most important bond that can exist, family. Because goodbye doesn’t get easier the second time round. And as we walked away we realised… it’s just us again.

We also wanted to reimagine Red Shoes, the song that we wrote in our music corner at home in Australia, dreaming about living in London. It’s a song that started this whole adventure. Its about stepping out in your red shoes and having the courage to tackle the world.

And so our next chapter begins.

The Tracks

  1. Just Us Again
  2. Skylines
  3. j.
  4. Electric
  5. Lost/Found

These are the golden days. But it doesn’t have to end here. So take a deep breath and turn on the light. Because your future is ELECTRIC.

© Her Sister 2018
All songs written and produced by Her Sister except Electric produced by Sats Solanki and Her sister Her Sister is Rafaela and Valentina Diaz-Byers

EP available for online purchase here